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Creative Movement
Primary Ages: 20 months- 3 years
This early dance class is full of stimulation in sight, touch and sound. Your child will begin to learn terminology and basic dance movements all the while using puppets, musical instruments, props, bubbles, body movement and gross motor skill development games. This class is a wildly interactive introduction to dance for your little one!  We keep pace with your child’s sense of play as well as their desire to learn.  This is a special first dance  experience for the younger child.  


Beginners Combo

Primary Ages: 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 years old

At this age, dance should be about learning to nurture creativity in movement.  This class presents age-appropriate basic dance concepts of Ballet, Hip Hop & Tap within the context of creative movement.  Instructors help children use their imaginations to develop a sense of rhythm, music awareness and interpretation.  Through strong dancing, and the use of props and costumes, Primary Ballet/Tap Classes become a magical dance experience for every child!

Combo Classes


Combo (Kinder-Dance)     Ballet, Tap, & Jazz - Hip Hop

This Combo class is a fun first step towards structured dance progression.  We will cover beginning ballet and tap steps with an emphasis on gross motor skill development, listening skills, and peer interaction.  This class will be taught with fun, easy dances and games to music to help build coordination and self-esteem. This class is an introduction to dance and group class settings and is used as a base for our ballet/tap classes and adds jazz/hip hop concepts in the second semester.  At this stage, your child will be asked to wear appropriate ballet attire including hair tied away from their face.  This creates an environment free from distractions and enables the students to feel like true dancers!


Combo 1    Ballet (or Lyrical), Tap, & Jazz

Dancers will begin with basic skills and build upon more structured tap, ballet techniques and the add the fun of jazz and Hip Hop. Once a child has reached this stage, we will begin to incorporate more elements of traditional ballet and tap technique. Developing strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, your child will start to learn proper body alignment, as well as barre, and center floor exercises.  Our classes will challenge the students both mentally and physically, yet still keep that sense of creativity.  As dancers progress through the levels, combinations and skills will become more challenging.


Combo 2      Ballet, Tap, & Jazz

Combo 2 class is designed for dancers that have more advanced skills with Tap, Ballet, and Jazz/Hip Hop techniques.  Once a child has reached this stage, we will begin to incorporate more elements of Hip Hop while maintaining the basic principals of dance.  We will continue to developing strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.  Our classes will be more challenging to the students both mentally and physically at a faster pace.  Students will be required to master choreography and perform at an intermediate level.

Jazz/Hip Hop


Jazz/Hip Hop is an explosive, funky dance style that combines memory, coordination, rhythm games, and loads of energetic FUN! Come learn the latest dance moves from all of your favorite video stars!!  By combining fast paced rhythms and movement exercises, your child will get an AWESOME workout without realizing they are breaking a sweat!  We will choreograph routines and learn the fundamentals of this funky dance style without sacrificing the joy of dance or the thrill of being a “hip” kid!


Jazz & Performance

Jazz/Hip Hop Intermediate 2 classes begin to take the basic jazz technique and put it into action across the floor and in center combinations. This level also focuses on basic transitional movements and turns.  You should have completed at least 1 year of a Jazz Intermediate 1 to enroll.



Modern or Contemporary dance, a style that encourages individual creativity and freedom of self-expression, is one of the most popular dance forms today.  Contemporary dancers use dancing to express their innermost emotions, often to get closer to their inner-selves choosing music and costuming that relays the student’s primary objective; to tell the story or convey emotions with their body through the dance.  These classes begin with an alternating barre/center warm-up and are followed by technique/turns/jumps across the floor, floor work, and choreography.  Students will start to learn how to “story dance” in this wonderfully creative movement class.

Contemporary 1

This class is primarily for younger students and those without much background in dance.

Contemporary 2 

More advanced class for older students with better knowledge about dance movement.

Contemporary 3

Advanced class for the mature student with complete knowledge about the style and focus on performance and story telling through the movement.  



Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends ballet and jazz dance.  Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz.  A lyrical dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy and anger.  Lyrical dancers usually perform to music with lyrics…the lyrics of the chosen song serve as inspiration for movements and expressions.  Powerful, expressive songs are often used in lyrical dance to give dancers a chance to express a range of strong emotions through their dancing.  Movements in lyrical dance are characterized by fluidity and grace, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another, holding finishing steps as long as possible.  Leaps are exceptionally high and soaring, and turns are fluid and continuous.

Lyrical 1

This class is primarily for younger students and those without much background in dance.

Lyrical 2 

More advanced class for older students with better knowledge about dance movement.​

Lyrical 3 

Advance class for the mature student that accepts the challenge to combine both Ballet and performance techniques to entertain their audience.  


Competition Company

The Competition Company was created for those who eat, sleep, and breath DANCE!! This is a fun and challenging way for students to take their dancing to the next level.  These students understand they will need to work harder on their disciplines and meet weekly to add new routines.  Typically these students take a minimum of two to three classes per week in addition to the Competition Team.  Students are required to take Ballet as a Competition Requirement! Each year our competition teams will compete their routines in various disciplines including lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, tap, and more.  Are you ready for the challenge?